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GIMP Software - similar to PHOTOSHOP without the cost!

GIMP software continues to be a free download. Visit to download the product and read about it's comparison to Adobe Photoshop. 

Designing your label in GIMP 


Enter your label demensions in INCHES. Then click the plus sign next to ADVANCED OPTIONS. Enter 300 for both the X and the Y RESOLUTION. For example, if you are designing a 3x3 label for print...the information you'd enter would be WIDTH 3 INCHES, HEIGHT 3 INCHES, RESOLUTION 300 pixels/inch. If you designing a full bleed label (color bleeds off the edge of the label) then you would add .03 to your label demensions...WIDTH 3.03 INCHES, HEIGHT 3.03 INCHES, RESOLUTION 300 pixels/inch.

Click OKAY and GIMP will create a canvas for you based on the above criteria. The ENTIRE canvas is your label - using layers of color, text and graphics, create your label exactly as you want it to print. (if bleeding over .03 please keep text the appropriate space from the label's edge).

TIP: do not use clip art or low resolution images found online. Stock art and illustrations can be purchased at very reasonable prices by going to or Make sure you are purchasing a large enough size of the graphic for printing, usually the medium to large size works best - it needs to be 300 dpi at the size you want it when place within your label)

When finished, click on SAVE AS under the FILE menu. Name your file and click the plus sign next to SELECT FILE TYPE. Save your label file as a jpg at the maximum quality setting. Click on the UPLOAD ARTWORK link to submit to us for printing...