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Creating BACKGROUNDS for your Laser & Inkjet Labels and Tags...
Shower Hang TagsAll of our hang tag sheets and many of our label sheets are cut with a spacing between tags and labels so you can easily overprint (or full-bleed) the edge, allowing you to achieve some fantastic backgrounds for your labels and hangtags. We have found to be an invaluable resource when creating a new tag or label. For example, if you wish to create a tag with a brown kraft-like background, you can go to (or or even and search on terms such as "antique paper" or "brown paper background" - you will see a nice selection of files such as the ones shown below that you can download and use in your product / packaging labels and tags (according to their usuage terms, this is an allowed use!)
Printable Hang Tags     Printable Hang Tags     Printable Hang Tags
You can also search for other types of backgrounds, try searching for "floral background" or "retro background", the possibilities are endless. Once you have downloaded your background, you should crop out a section approx. the size you will need for your hang tag (remember to make it a little larger if you are wanting it to bleed off the tag when you print it). Most photo editing programs, such as Photoshop Elements will allow you to do this. From there, you can layer text, logos, and more on top of the background. Save it as a jpg and drop it into your Word template. (note, you may have to right click on the image, from the picture toolbar, set it to sit "in front of text" and then right click the image again, click on format picture and under the size tab, hit "reset" to get the image back to the size you had previously made it.)
This hang tag was made from istock file #2820304:
How to Create a Background for your Hang Tag