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Creative Label Concepts is a privately-owned business located in Taylorville, IL. (formerly Bloomington, IL) Operating hours are M-F 8:00 - 4:30.

You can reach us during business hours at 217/777-0130 or toll-free at 877/668-0130.

You can place an order 24/7 through any one of our eCommerce websites by clicking on the website icons in the right column. 

What do we do, what do we sell?

Our primary product offering is labels. This includes blank inkjet and laser printer sheets, custom printed labels from a roll, pre-designed labels, label design services and label printing equipment. We also offer a line of inkjet and laser printable hang tags, business cards, and other card stock. We offer laser and inkjet printer sheets both retail and wholesale in various paper face stocks and die layouts/sizes.


Who are our customers?

Our customers range from the hobbyists and the mom & pop shops to new business start ups and non-profits to large established corporations.

We've done business with the companies who make our computers, who organize the worlds information, who allow us to sell all our unwanted stuff in an organized platform, who preach to us every morning on the television, who dream to make our kid's their favorite movies....we've done business with the gossip/entertainment folks from Hollywood and more.

Equally important, our customers include "Mary" who sells her own brand of cosmetics, "John" who just started his own business, "Sarah" who makes and sells her own candles, "Mike" who is working on a special project for a college business class, "Michelle" who is throwing a baby shower for her sister and "Rita" who just last year switched to laser printed labels for her homemade jams.

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What makes us DIFFERENT than the competition?

FLEXIBLE- we allow you to purchase any quantity you need for most items. If you need 15 sheets of labels or 685 sheets of labels, buy what you need. Quantity discounts are in place to allow you the best pricing on larger orders.

FAST-we pride ourselves on making sure all orders for instock items placed prior to 3:30 central time are shipped that very same day. This allows an order to reach it's destination as quickly as possible.

ACCURATE- we believe, preach and practice quality control. Every order is checked for accuracy before it is shipped. Addresses are checked and double checked against the customer's information as it's being packaged. And processes are in place to ensure orders do not inadvertantly get "lost in the shuffle" instead of shipped.